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Open Your Eyes to the Amount of Shut Eye You Should Get During Summer

(O’FALLON, IL) – School will be wrapping up within the next few weeks and that often means a change in sleep schedules. As part of Better Sleep Month, HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Southern Illinois Sleep Disorders Center has tips to keep the everyone fully rested during summer months.
Dr. Ventrapragada Mohan, Pulmonologist and member of HSHS Medical Group, said “It’s always best to stay in a routine when it comes to bed time and wake time. If that’s not possible, or you just want to be a little more flexible with the rules during summer, try not to deviate more than one hour.”
“Adults, on average, need seven or more hours of sleep each night. Children need eight to ten or more depending on their age. This doesn’t change on holidays or during summer break. Sleep is just as important as the air you breathe,” he said.
Here are some recommended sleep tips to avoid summer sleepiness.
  • Limit the use of electronics one hour prior to bed to prepare bodies and brains for sleep.
  • Try not to deviate from a normal bedtime for more than two days in a row.
  • Do not go to bed hungry; eat a light, healthy snack at least thirty minutes before bed if necessary.
  • Keep the bedroom temperature cooler than the rest of the house, if possible.
  • Avoid watching TV in the bedroom prior to sleep.
  • Avoid using devices that emit light – smart phones, iPad, and computers, etc. Blue light emitted by these devices resets the clock in the brain which can delay sleep.
Dr. Mohan said if these tips are not helping you feel fully refreshed in the mornings, it could be a sign of a sleep disorder.
“There are 84 identified sleep disorders and sometimes the cause has nothing to do with actual lack of sleep,” he said.
If you have concerns about sleep patterns, or difficulties falling or staying asleep, talk to your primary care physician to request a referral to St. Elizabeth’s Southern Illinois Sleep Disorders Center. Lean more about the Center’s Service by visiting  https://steliz.org/Medical-Services/Sleep-Studies or call 1-888-650-7474.
Photo: Dr. Ventrapragada Mohan, of St. Elizabeth’s Southern Illinois Sleep Disorders Center and member of HSHS Medical Group, encourages families to keep their sleep schedules during the summer for optimal health. 

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