Midwifery Program

Welcome to a new, truly empowering birth experience

HSHS St. Elizabeth's has joined with the midwives of Heartland Women's Healthcare to bring women a new level of care and an empowering birth experience through our Midwife Program.

Our midwives are advance practice nurses that are Masters prepared, specially trained in women’s health, prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care. They are able to provide all the care an OB/GYN does, in an uncomplicated pregnancy. Our midwives are always in contact with an OB/GYN, should a consultation be needed. Midwives are focused on communication and education through the entire pregnancy, to help you prevent complications in childbirth.
What’s unique about our midwife program is the close relationships you form. There are four midwives in practice at Heartland Woman’s Healthcare, and throughout your pregnancy, you will get to know each of them, and they will get to know you. They are with you on a personal level, joyfully sharing in your progress, listening to your wishes for your birth experience, and understanding your concerns. It’s very much like having a close circle of friends, who are medically trained, with you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth. They’ll also continue caring for you after your baby is born by helping initiate breastfeeding, encouraging bonding with the baby, and answering any questions about newborn care.

Our Midwife Partners

Maggie Petry, CNM
Marion Reyes, CNM
Jennifer Shopinski, CNM
Shannon Waller-Davis, CNM



OB/GYNs are very supportive of our midwife program. When women with normal, uncomplicated pregnancies choose a midwife, it opens up the doctors’ schedules to focus on women with high risk or complicated pregnancies.