Why give to HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital?

As a non-profit hospital, we rely on generous contributions from people just like you to help us to achieve our mission. Whether it entails welcoming our youngest patients as they open their eyes to a new world, facilitating easier breathing for patients, or monitoring crucial vital signs and sleep patterns, you can be assured that donations to St. Elizabeth's Foundation are making a difference.

Many positive investments in equipment and our facility are possible through the gracious donations of both the public and our own colleagues. A recent EKG interpretation workshop was open to colleagues as well as the public, thanks to funds from St. Elizabeth's Foundation. St. Elizabeth’s hosted four classes over a two-day period, offering valuable education to ER physicians, nurses and techs; cardiology staff; and EMS paramedics.

When Pediatric Therapy moved to its new location, they noticed more than just a change of address. Much of their equipment for the children was aged, in disrepair, or would not accommodate the move. An important aspect of pediatric therapy is play as well as imitating real-life activities. St. Elizabeth’s Foundation was thrilled to be able to provide a new ballpool for pediatric patients with sensory issues, a new play kitchen with accessories, and a new children’s play table and chairs for the waiting area. Pediatric therapy was also provided with an iPad to assist children with developmental delays with speech and coordination.

To better serve our growing number of outpatient access, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Sleep Lab maintains a high level of respect for our patient’s needs and strives to provide quality care in any setting. After completing research on Home Sleep Study Units, they selected an option that is user friendly for patients as well as physicians. Adhering to our core values, the competence of this team also allowed for a cost efficient purchase of two devices for what one of the previous units had cost.

Any way it is measured—by participation, by annual giving, or as a planned gift for the future—giving to St. Elizabeth's Hospital matters. It matters to our patients, who benefit from expanded opportunities for healthcare excellence. It inspires our colleagues who utilize philanthropy to provide compassionate patient services. It heartens the entire St. Elizabeth's community, who rely on a healthy philanthropic program to sustain and build the mission of the hospital. Thanks to many donations, the Home Sleep Study Unit allows St. Elizabeth’s Hospital to provide support for the ever changing needs of our patients and assure patient satisfaction.